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We chose the best free virus cleaner

These days,   a virus cleaner is one of those tools that we cannot do without,   mainly because the probability that our computers or phones will be infected with a virus is very high, especially if we are one of those users who do not They take no precautions when browsing the Internet or plugging in flash drives or cards without checking them first. Or in the case of cell phones, download apps from untrusted sources.  answerhop Although   virus and antivirus cleaners are applications that should always be installed on the computer to protect it from any threats that may arise, the truth is that many users only install a virus or antivirus cleaner when they begin to suspect that their PC is infected with malware,  which most of the time results in a disaster, which can even lose us a good amount of money. Of course, this attitude is not totally reprehensible,   since as we know, having an antivirus installed often makes the system slow . Whatever the position of the user, in this

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